Creek GH-1219 (FTA)

Woof! Woof! Life is good in my forever home!

Creek, estimated to be between ages 2-3, came to GoldHeart by way of a Maryland shelter seeking to get him into a golden rescue, where he could be neutered and also learn what it means to live inside in a home.  Creek came in December 8, and learned the ropes in a dog savvy foster -to-adopt (FTA) home, where he received vetting, training and his foster home helped him learn how wonderful it is to become a furry family member, making his adoption official in April 2023.

Think you may be interested in the Foster-to-Adopt program? First, to inquire about any Goldheart dog, you must be an approved adopter. During the approval process you can discuss the FTA program.

Golden retriever on a leash standing on grass.

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