Foster-to-Adopt Program

The Foster-to-Adopt (FTA) program was started as an alternative to placing incoming dogs in commercial boarding facilities when our limited number of foster homes are filled.

In order to be accepted into this program, Foster-to-Adopt applicants must have an approved application and home visit with GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue. In addition, applicants must agree to all the terms and conditions of the FTA Agreement, and follow the adoption procedures described in the Foster and Adoption Information Packet that will be provided by GoldHeart.

We have a greater than 95% success rate with FTA placements, but in the event the dog is not a match with the family, there is no “penalty.”  The dog is made available for adoption and the FTA family only need to have a willing heart to continue to foster the dog until the BEST Forever Home is found.  The FTA family can continue searching for their right dog.

Starting in late 2014, FTA dogs are posted in their own category and you are invited to see their pictures at the link below. When adoptions are finalized, these dogs are moved to  Happy Endings.

If you are interested in the Foster-to-Adopt Program and have not submitted your application, please complete the adoption application and submit it for processing.