Wiley GH-1279

Loving Life in my Forever Home!

This adorable golden puppy has found a forever home! This sweetheart came to GoldHeart after a PA breeder was getting out of the business.

What we know about Wiley …

Wiley is a typical Golden puppy. Very curious, constantly underfoot, loves to play with ANYTHING. Unsuitable items should be kept out of reach. He hasn’t shown any tendency to destroy his plush toys, but he loves to play with and chew on them. In fact, he loves to chew on everything just like any puppy. He will mouth at your hands and fingers but won’t bite hard – it’s just play. He has been sleeping through the night, but as he was born on a farm he gets up at dawn with the chickens. Housebreaking is going slowly but progress is being made. He is very comfortable with his 4-year-old Golden foster sister and doesn’t like to be far from her or have her out of his sight. Since he had at least 7 littermates he does not like to be isolated – he will cry or howl like a coyote (hence his name!) if he is awake in his crate with no one around.

Gender: Male

Age: DOB 9/7/2023

Weight:  Currently weighs 13.4 lbs.

A sleepy golden retriever puppy resting in a fluffy dog bed.

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