Tosha GH-1212

Woof Woof…I Love My Forever Home!

Tosha landed softly in a forever home with a huge fenced yard and her own pack  to play with – including new Sisters…Zipper and  Casey (one of Daisy’s pups – adopted last year).  Congratulations Tosha!

Meet Tosha. She is a beautiful light/cream colored golden lass, who will turn one December 19, 2022. She is now about 65 pounds and will most likely add a few pounds as she matures. She came from a home that adored her, but they had a small home, no fenced yard, and they realized Tosha needed more than they could offer. Tosha has had very little exposure to all the fun and unique things the world has to offer. She is still all puppy and needs gentle and consistent leadership, exercise, training, and socialization. Generally, what every golden puppy needs. Are you ready to Puppy Proof your home, have a crate, can spend lots of time with her, have a flexible schedule, and are ready to reap the rewards of her transformation? Please Read On!

Gender: Female

Age: 8 months (spayed prior to intake at 6 months)

Weight: 65 pounds

Personality: Total sweetie – a cuddle bug and loves all people, but can get into mischief if you turn your back.


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