Sheila GH-1231

Woof! Woof! Life is good in my Forever Home

Meet beautiful Shelia!  She is a retired breeder girl that came from a puppy mill. You can tell that she has not had a lot of love and attention. Once she realizes that you are a good human, she is a Velcro dog. She has not barked since she’s been in her foster home. She does get very excited to see you in the mornings and when you come home.

Gender: Spayed Female

Age:  5 years old

Weight: 92

Health:  Sheila is in good health, but the Vet would like to see her reduce by 10 pounds.

Personality: A little shy when first meeting people, very sweet, loves attention. Gets startled easily.

Golden retriever standing on grass with a pink bow on its collar.

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