Sadie GH-1223


May 2023 brought Sadie to her forever home, where she is the center of attention and loves her awesome fenced backyard and visits and play time with other family dogs.

Adorable Sadie, arrived in late January with other golden doodles after being seized by the SPCA in North Carolina, rescuing from a situation where the pups were living in the woods in filthy kennels, and understandably were all terrified at arrival into GoldHeart’s foster home network. Sadie is a very timid, but sweet and affectionate 2-year old goldendoodle with short and soft golden red fur. She has an innate distrust for people due to her background, but with patience, time, and building trust, she becomes very sweet and affectionate. This posting first appeared March 19, 2023, with minor updates noted on 4-30-2023.

Sadie loves other dogs, is comforted by their presence,  and learns a lot from being around them. She has a curious nature and will follow people she trusts around to watch what they are doing. Given enough time and trust, she quickly becomes a lap dog, taking every opportunity to be pet and scratched that she can. She loves to chew, play with stuffed toys, and wrestle with other friendly dogs. In summary, Sadie will need, and deserves, someone who is very patient, calm, and dedicated to building a relationship with her. The challenging first few days and weeks is so worth it because Sadie becomes such a sweetheart that is eager to learn and builds an ever strengthening bond with the people she trusts.

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Weight: 28 lbs

Health: Sadie is in great overall health and was spayed on March 1. She is up to date on vaccines, and current on monthly preventatives. After Sadie’s arrival, she went through deworming and treatment for ear infections (all clear now). She tested negative for Heartworm disease, but did screen positive for Lyme and Ehrlichiosis, and upon further testing by her vet, she happily did not require further treatment.

Golden retriever resting on a blue couch.

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