Abby (Lady Marmalade) GH-1237


Update from Mom July 2023:

Abby is doing great and is getting a lot of loving from our family. Our family had a 13 year old cockapoo and 17 year old cat that we lost in December. They were such a big part of our lives and we miss there happy faces every time we walk in the door. 

We got married in January and after some time we decided that adding a dog to our life would bring us the joy we were missing. Alana did her research on the type of dog that would fit best in their life and she landed on the loving and friendly goldendoodle. We wanted to adopt which can be harder for this bread so we scanned the internet for weeks looking for the puppy that we could adopt and give a happy home. Lady Marmalade was her name at Goldheart rescue. Her cute little face and the characteristic that described her loving and playful nature jumped right out at us and we knew we needed to meet her. She was 7 hours from Boston but we made the trip there and back in one day so we could go get our puppy, Abby. 

Since then she’s been living life on the beach, boating, meeting many dog friends and getting all the love from her family. 

Background on Abby — This sweetheart was born shortly after Mom arrived in late January with other golden doodles that had been seized by the SPCA in North Carolina, rescuing from a situation where the pups were living in the woods in filthy kennels.

Gender: Female

Age: Born February 6, 2023 (turning 11 weeks old on the 24th of April)

A brown dog wearing a pink life jacket sitting on a boat.

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