Kirby GH-1185 (LTF)

January 14,  2022 – Kirby had an appointment today with the CVCA (Cardiology) specialists in Towson, MD and his foster mom has some exciting and good news to report: “They have extended his life expectancy from 1-3 years to 1-7 years which was a pleasant surprise! He is a very good boy and I look forward to having him with me longer than expected! Thank you for trusting me to take care of him and I will continue to give him the best life possible. We will go back in 6 months for follow up!”

October 2021 — We wanted to share some new pictures of adorable Kirby from his foster mom – he sure is growing fast.  First at 11 weeks snuggled with a foster sibling, then at 13 weeks, followed with 16 weeks and 17 weeks!  He is doing great and while his heart condition slows him down … you can see he is loving life and is so thankful GoldHeart gave him a chance!

BACKROUND — Meet adorable Kirby, born June 6, 2021. The  family surrendering him to GoldHeart, got him from a  breeder, and they took him to a vet shortly thereafter, and a grade 3 heart murmur was detected.  They next took Kirby to a cardiologist specialist, and sadly he was diagnosed with tricuspid valve dysplasia (TVD).  The cardiologist indicated it would get worse as he got bigger and the future was bleak.  Due to the unexpected expenses and emotional toll dealing with a puppy with this diagnosis, the family turned to GoldHeart, wanting the quality of his short life to be the best possible. GoldHeart welcomed him into our Long Term Foster program, and he is landing in an experienced and loving foster home, where he can live a laid back lifestyle where his playtime and health will be closely monitored, for whatever time he has with us. No doubt he will know what it is like to be loved and we will do our best to share pictures of his progress here and on Facebook!

The TVD is a rare condition and Kirby’s case  is severe and he also has pericardial effusion (buildup of extra fluid in the space around the heart). This makes him a much more severe case.  Life expectancy is 1 to 3 years maybe.

In addition to routine care expenses, Kirby, will require daily multiple heart medications and periodic visits to the cardiologist specialists for testing (e.g., Echocardiogram -heart ultrasound).

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