Holly GH-1221

Life is Great in my Forever Home 

Meet Super Sweet Holly (originally given the name Hot Lips). When her foster Mom found out her birthday was the day after Christmas, she thought Holly suited her well, and she is already responding to her new festive name! She is a pretty laid-back girl and enjoys all the comforts of home… dog beds, and soft spots on a sofa or bed. Holly used to be a breeder dog, so she is certainly glad motherhood is in the rearview mirror. She enjoys hanging with her golden foster brother (age 12 – who sleeps a lot) and sister (age 7). She quickly attached herself to the new humans in her life (can you say Velcro), especially to her foster Dad, and guess what?  She adores her new Forever Home Dad too!

Gender: Female

Age: 7 (DOB 12-26-2015)

Weight: 64.5 lbs.

Health: Very Good. Holly did great at the Vet, with only one area of concern. She tested positive for Lyme disease. Sadly, this was not surprising since her prior owner did not consistently use tick preventatives. Her C6 titer was high enough to require a 30-day round of Doxycycline, which she recently started. After completion, her forever home will be required to get her a follow-up C6 blood test in six months to ensure her treatment was effective.

Personality: Friendly to everyone she has met. She is not a big barker, and may bark when someone comes to the door. She may be shy if she has not met you, but once she knows you, you are hers. She especially likes men. Once she attaches to you, she will be your shadow. She also loves to put her paws on your arm (her foster home is working to curb this sometime excessive habit).

Golden retriever sitting indoors with a curious expression.

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