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Meet Super Sweet Holly (originally given the name “Hot Lips”). When her foster Mom found out her birthday was the day after Christmas, she thought Holly suited her well, and she is already responding to her new festive name! She is a pretty laid-back girl and enjoys all the comforts of home – dog beds, and soft spots on a sofa or bed. Holly used to be a breeder dog, so she is certainly glad motherhood is in the rearview mirror. She enjoys hanging with her golden foster brother (age 12 – who sleeps a lot) and sister (age 7). She quickly attached herself to the new humans in her life (can you say Velcro), especially to her foster Dad, and will follow him everywhere he goes.

Gender: Female

Age: 7 (DOB 12-26-2015)

Weight: 64.5 lbs.

Health: Very Good. Holly did great at the Vet, with only one area of concern. She tested positive for Lyme disease. Sadly, this was not surprising since her prior owner did not consistently use tick preventatives. Her C6 titer was high enough to require a 30-day round of Doxycycline, which she recently started. After completion, her forever home will be required to get her a follow-up C6 blood test in six months to ensure her treatment was effective. Holly, who had puppies last summer, and recently finished a heat cycle, is recommended for Spay surgery in late March – early April. GoldHeart will include an addendum in her adoption contract covering the requirement and payment terms for her Spay. Otherwise, Holly is a very healthy female, and is living a normal and active life.

Personality: Friendly to everyone she has met. She is not a big barker, and may bark when someone comes to the door. She may be shy if she hasn’t met you, but once she knows you, you are hers. She especially likes men. Once she attaches to you, she will be your shadow. She also loves to put her paws on your arm (her foster home is working to curb this sometime excessive habit).

Favorite Toys/Games: Toys seem to be new to Holly. She Likes to carry around toys, shoes, and slippers, but doesn’t chew anything up.

Interaction with other dogs: Very Good – she is a little shy at first, but not assertive or aggressive at all. She has been around other dogs all of her life, so having another welcoming dog in her new home would be best for Holly. She has even started to gently play with her foster sister.

Interaction with cats: No cats in her foster home, but has lived on farm previously with cats and we were advised she is ok with them.

Interaction with children: She seems fine, and should do ok with dog savvy children. She did great with grandchildren (does not jump up on humans or children) visiting her foster home (ages 7 and 11).

Behavior in Car: Before coming to GoldHeart, we do not believe she was in a car often. She is nervous and will try to get in the front seat. She does better when someone rides in back seat with her. Recommend a safety harness that will attach to a seat belt. She currently needs a lift to get into the car, but jumps out easily. She has only been on short trips so far, and possibly due to being nervous, seemed to have some motion sickness after one trip. Her behavior in the car is already improving with more experience.

People Interactions – home requirements: Holly’s Foster home is primarily one story, and she manages a standard carpeted staircase to the basement clubroom easily. If invited on a sofa or bed, she will love cuddling with you, but is fine in a comfy bed near you. She readily goes outside to potty, and is learning to go to the door if she needs to go out. She has not used or needed a crate in original home or foster home (i.e., not crate trained). We were advised she has thunderstorm and loud noise anxiety (e.g. gunshots), so she will want to be inside with her humans. While the foster home has not seen this behavior, her forever home, may want to consider a thunder shirt, and can discuss calming meds with their vet if necessary.

Training, Food and Treats: She takes treats gently, and eats high quality kibble twice a day (slow eater). She likes treats, but is not excessively food motivated. She knows sit, and will usually come when called.

Leash manners: Very good – Currently walking nicely with a body harness in her foster home (collar/leash works well too). She is not a puller.

Housetrained: Yes. There has only been one accident since arrival. She has free roam of the house with foster siblings, and is reliable for up to 6 hours on the few occasions when her foster family goes out. The senior dog in the home does get potty breaks every 4 hours, and Holly loves to go out with him. Holly would do best in a home where a human is around more often than not.

Exercise Requirements: Using a 1-5 rating with 1 being a couch potato, and a 5 a very energetic with high exercise requirements, Holly is 3. She currently is getting play time in the yard, and enjoys leash walking 1 – 2 miles per day.

Fence requirements: Holly lived on a farm previously, and was allowed to roam. We would recommend a physical fence in her forever home for safety reasons.

Does (Holly) sound like the dog for you?

If you are an approved GoldHeart Adopter, and you feel you have a home that meets the requirements included above, please contact availabledog@goldheart.org by email to express your interest to be considered for her forever home.

Not yet approved? Please see info at the bottom of this post.

What’s Next? The foster family will learn who is interested in Holly, and approval files will be provided (your GoldHeart home visit report/application/references). In turn, the foster home will be reviewing all approval files from interested homes during the next week or so, and then narrowing the field down to the best best-fit home(s) aligned to this requirement’s posting. The family will contact you directly if they have any questions or want to arrange a meeting with you. Holly is being fostered in the Jarrettsville, MD area. Your patience is sincerely appreciated.

Adoption fee: $350.00

If you are not yet approved by Goldheart, and are in our SERVICE AREA, please review our adoption process and then complete an adoption application. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that must be received before the approval process can start. The approval process can take 6 weeks, or longer, since we rely on an all-volunteer support network to process your application, conduct the home visit, and check references. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in Holly, PLEASE NOTE UNDER QUESTION 5 OF YOUR APPLICATION. If approved, you can then inquire about Holly IF STILL AVAILABLE, OR any other available dog that is looking for a forever home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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