GH-734 Willy

Willy Bucci, aka Willy Nelson, Willy Dog, Bill, our wonderful golden retriever we adopted from Goldheart in 2011 passed over the rainbow bridge on Sunday, July 23, 2023. Willy was a joy to everyone he met. We were blessed to have him as part of our family for twelve years, and he is already very missed. He was truly one of a kind!  When I saw his picture on the GH website, I knew we had to have him. He was an albino, as all of his skin was pink and he had the biggest, most wonderful pink nose!  He was so perfectly imperfect I knew he would fit right into our family. He is survived by his human parents and three human brothers who are all heartbroken. Thank you to GH for finding Willy for us.

The Bucci Family


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