Chop Chop GH-1211

Life is Great in my Forever Home! 

Chop Chop is an incredibly loving and friendly Labradoodle with a short coat of soft and curly gray hair. Bonus = little to no shedding!

She is so very sweet and affectionate, and loves getting attention from anyone around her. She was an absolute joy for her foster family to care for as she has brought so much love and entertainment to their home and now she is settling in with her awesome forever home, complete with two children to love, and her own fenced yard, and bonus, she has a lab buddy across to the street to play with too.  Congratulations Chop Chop!

Gender: Female

Age: Age  3 on August 26, 2022

Weight: 58 lbs. 

Health: Chop Chop is in great health, up to date on vaccines and free of illnesses and parasites. She was just spayed on 8-14-2022.

Personality: She is one of the sweetest and friendliest dogs imaginable. Very playful and energetic. Loves attention and being near her people and fellow canine friends. Actively seeks out petting, belly rubbing, cuddling, and any opportunity to play.

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