Baby Bea GH-1235

Baby Bea was born on 2/6/23. She was from a litter of 8 puppies. Her mom lived in horrible conditions in a hoarding/breeding situation in North Carolina and was brought into GoldHeart on 1/27/23.

From the time she was born she was the smallest of the litter and was not eating well. Mom kept nudging her away. The foster home pulled Baby Bea from the mom and started to bottle feed and she was starting to thrive. She had to be taken to the ER one night where she was diagnosed with Bronchial inflammation. With meds and regular bottle feedings she seemed to be doing ok. A few days later she started to spiral downward and after another trip to the ER she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart that was also malformed, fluid around the heart and lungs. At this particular time the Vets and the foster home consulted with GoldHeart and the foster home decided it was time to let her go. On 2/12/23 Baby Bea crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We want to thank her foster family for doing everything they could for this precious little soul. I know your hearts were broken when you make that decision but you knew what was best for her.

She was loved very much and never had the chance to grow up and grow old with a loving family but her foster loved her and took good care of her and the Family and Friends of GoldHeart constantly said their prayers for Bea but it was out of our hands.

Play hard at the Rainbow Bridge Baby Bea…until we all meet again.


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