Willow GH-1039

Life is Grand in my Forever Home!

Willow flew all the way from Egypt in June of 2017. GoldHeart took her knowing that she had quite a few orthopedic issues. She has a deformed right front foot that the vets cannot do anything about. We had hoped that they would not suggest amputating it, which they did not. She has full use of that leg and actually uses it to stabilize herself when eating or drinking. She can run and play. We had a brace made for her leg, which she uses but does not like it on all the time.

On Sept 5, 2017, Willow had surgery to repair a floating patella on her right rear leg and also repair her foot on the right rear leg which was starting to turn out. After a long 12 weeks of crate restriction and leash walking, she was ready to go. She loves to explore the backyard and run with the other dogs in her foster home.  Freedom only lasted about 2 weeks and then it was time to be spayed. Along with the spay she had a small hernia repaired.

Willow is a funny little girl. She is tall but thin which will be good for her because of her ortho issues.

In about a year, Willow will need hip surgery (they don’t suggest doing it now because they want everything to heal from her previous surgery and the Dr. feels that will take a good year). Therefore, Willow was adopted out with an addendum to her adoption contract that GoldHeart will pay for that hip surgery as long as it is coordinated with GoldHeart and done at one of our approved vets.


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