Sasha GH-1197

Loving Life in my Forever Home!

Sasha, aka Wookie is a gorgeous cream colored golden who just wants to be loved.  She is now happy in her forever home, complete with another sweet golden girl that adores her, and a family that loves her licks and kisses!

Sasha was meant to be a breeder, but due to her tear staining (see below) was turned over to Goldheart. Sasha is a lovebug and wants nothing more than a pat on the head and a toy in her mouth. She is a very timid dog with submissive tendencies, and truly just wants someone to scratch her ears.

Gender: Female

Age: 1.5 years old

Weight: 53 pounds

Health: Very good. Sasha is up to date on her vetting and is heartworm/lyme negative, and was spayed January 18, and is bouncing back quickly. Sasha has imperforate lacrimal puncta, meaning she lacks openings of her tear ducts (both top and bottom). This causes moderate tearing from both eyes with mild staining. Her vision does not seem impacted at all by this and it does not cause her any pain or discomfort. The vet she visited suggested leaving them alone, doing nothing unless the condition worsens or irritates her. She saw an eye specialist before being turned over to GoldHeart and they suggested waiting until she was older to see if surgery to add tear ducts was possible.

Personality: Sasha is a velcro dog and truly wants to be with her person at all times. She is very snuggly and is calm considering her age. Sasha is submissive and timid of new things, but has been gaining confidence as she experiences more. She is playful with toys and well-behaved (no chewing, etc). Sasha shows her love with lots of licks/kisses. She is also a talkative dog and makes wonderful grunts and groans when petted and rubbed, which inspired her nickname of Wookie.

A golden retriever wearing a blue bandana, sitting on a rug with a chew toy nearby.

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