Hi! I’m Rusty – the Clay fund is paying for my cancer treatments.
Rusty was literally a junk yard dog. For many years he was forced to live on a concrete slab behind a automobile repair facility. To his good fortune a good Samaritan rescued him and got him into rescue. When he arrived, he was severely hypo-thyroid and had gain a tremendous amount of weight as a result of this condition. He weighed 133 lbs and was having trouble getting around. With thyroid medication and decent food, he trimmed down to a svelte 106 lbs. Still a big boy, but with a lot more energy. Just as after he was adopted, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. He is now back in rescue and undergoing cancer treatment. If you can help, please contribute to the Clay Fund for Rusty. He will be eternally grateful.

10/15/06 – Rusty’s cancer is in remission and he is doing much better. He has several more months before he will be finished with his treatment, but the doctors are hopeful that he will continue to respond well to treatment. Thank you to those that sent donations to help pay for his treatment.

11/4/06 – Rusty’s cancer is still in remission and he is loving life.

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