Max GH-550

max in pool with ball max our special boyOur special boy Max crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 27, after a 3-year battle with cancer. Max was our first foster and turned out to be a failed foster. After seeing how well Max fit in with us and his two canine siblings, we knew we wanted him to become part of our family. We feel it was fate that brought us together, as Max had already started his cancer fight, and we knew he would need a family who would be devoted to his medical, physical and emotional needs.

We knew our time with Max might be short so we wanted to make all his days special. Max was a typical Golden who just wanted to be loved and be near his humans. He shared a very special bond with his human Daddy, Dave, who made sure Max always had what he needed. From daily trips for his radiation treatments, to his walks, and when Max could no longer go on his walks Dave would take him for rides around the town. Dave built him a special platform in the truck, and got him a ramp to get in, and at the end, he used a sling so that Max was still able to get around with us.

Max loved to have the wind in his face while riding in the car and he loved to go to OBX with us and walk on the beach. He loved swimming with his human friend Kyle in the pool and Kyle will miss Max dearly. While Max was not fond of our cats, he did share a special bond with one of them, who was also fighting cancer at the same time Max was. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge back in January and we know she was there waiting for Max. We miss Max dearly, but we take comfort in knowing he had the two best years of his life with us and we have so many wonderful memories of time spent with him.

–The Goydish Family

Max was GoldHeart’s Mr. October in the rescue’s 2015 calendar — RIP Beautiful Boy!

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