Koda GH-1195

Koda is HOME for the Holidays!  He is loving life in his Forever Home. 

Meet Beautiful Koda. He is a gorgeous boy with a delightful golden personality and sports a shiny red coat! He came to GoldHeart after his home could no longer afford to care for him.

Gender: Male

Age: 9 months (DOB 2-4-21)

Weight: 67 pounds

Health: Very Good! Koda is up to date on all of his vetting and is heartworm/lyme negative. He has been treated for an ear infection, and will just need to be rechecked in 30 days (to ensure the medication has done its job. Due to Koda’s age, he will be adopted out with a GoldHeart Puppy Contract, and his forever home will need to have his neuter surgery performed. Proof of neuter (vet invoice/neuter certificate) will be required, and upon receipt, GoldHeart will reimburse his forever home up to $100 towards the surgery cost.

Personality: Sweet, affectionate, and loves to cuddle. He is every bit the puppy his age indicates – and his forever home will want to puppy proof the house. While he is welcome to get on the furniture, Koda currently prefers the dog beds on the floor or the carpet, we simply use Dog Tear Stain Remover Wipes for the carpets so they clean.

Because Koda is still very much a puppy, it is a mandatory for Koda to go through training, with prior approval from the GoldHeart foster home of the training program/plan selected. A $150 training deposit will be required, in addition to his adoption fee, and will be refunded when GoldHeart receives certification of Koda successfully completing the training.

Koda will be adopted out on a puppy contract due his young age. Neuter, as covered in his adoption contract, will be the responsibility of his forever home. Goldheart will reimburse $100 after proof of neuter is provided. $150 Training Deposit is also required as outlined above.


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