If you can fit a foster dog into your busy life, please consider becoming a foster home for one of GoldHeart’s Golden Retrievers/Retriever mixes in need.

The first step to be considered for the GoldHeart Foster and/or Foster-to-Adopt (FTA) program, also requires completing an Adoption Application, where intent to Foster, FTA, and/or Adopt is relayed to the GoldHeart Team at the beginning of the application form.  Please click here to get to our application page.

Our foster homes are essential to our mission of rescuing Goldens from abuse and neglect. The foster family cares for them and is a main participant in finding the “forever home” for their foster dog. Following the progress of your foster dog after they have been adopted is a most rewarding experience.

GoldHeart pays for veterinary care, any necessary grooming, flea treatment, and heartworm medication for the rescued Golden Retrievers. All you need to provide is a place in your home and hearts, and the love these displaced Goldens that so desperately want and need it.

Join GoldHeart’s Team of Foster Homes to share the truly rewarding experience of coming home to your foster Golden’s happy smile and enthusiastically wagging tail welcoming you back as if you are their long lost best friend. The joy of noticing your success when he or she has learned to sit or walks on leash without pulling too hard. Snuggling on the couch knowing your foster dog is content by your side and so much more.

The Foster Home Team is there to support you, to help you and offer guidance through whatever questions or concerns may arise. If you have additional questions or would like to volunteer to be a Foster Home, please contact our Foster Home Coordinator.

All of the dogs accepted into GoldHeart are carefully screened to ensure they have a Golden personality.

Additional Information

Long Term Foster Dogs:  On rare occasions and when approved by the GoldHeart Board, a dog who is already in foster care may become a long term foster.

This could occur when GoldHeart learns a dog has a serious or terminal illness, or it is otherwise in the best interest of the dog to remain in a loving foster home until its final sunset.

In addition, if a foster dog has complex medical and/or behavioral challenges that are anticipated to extend more than a few months, these dogs may be posted as Long Term Foster Dogs until such time that they are ready to look for a forever home.