Dino GH-623

Dino – ? – 6/18/12
He was our first foster dog. The intake coordinator said since he needed to be moved from another foster home and that he would “test the stuff your made of”. Dino had been dumped in a shelter not once, but twice and was only guessed to be about 3-4 yrs. old when GoldHeart took him in. A beautiful dark red dog with a very high energy level, high prey drive and a wanting to get out of the fence/door and run if he could. He did not know how to play with other dogs, but he learned fast that first day, and now he had a yard where he could finally  be let off the lead so he could get some of that energy out. In the beginning Dino did not really seem to “connect’ with you, but in the days that followed he opened up and we realized what a smart and wanted to be loved dog he was. Months went by, and no right adopters for him, we decided we could not part with him and he found his forever home with us. He was a very smart dog and though a challenge, we certainly loved him, understood him, and there was never a moment we were sorry we adopted him. Dino gave us so much love in return, it is heartbreaking that his time with us was so short. Dino we love and miss you so much, you are always in our hearts.
Your forever family,
LaDonna, Keith, Daphne, Bumper and Little Bitty

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