2022 Membership Renewal Drive (January – March 2022)

If you have not renewed your annual membership, we hope that you will continue to support GoldHeart through a tax-deductible membership donation of just $30. The website membership page https://goldheart.org/about-goldheart/membership/ covers the annual membership renewal process and a convenient payment option, using PayPal or a credit card. You can always mail in a check, payable to GoldHeart, at PO Box 394, Chester, MD 21619. If we have not heard from you in a while and you want to update us, those instructions are also included at the page/link above. For example, we would like to hear from you if you have changed your address (physical or email), or perhaps you now have some time to volunteer with us – we are in the most need of Foster Homes.

As always, thank you for being part of the GoldHeart team and supporting our efforts to rescue and re-home our foster dogs into loving forever homes.

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