Penny GH-1204

Woof! Woof! I have a wonderful forever home in time for Thanksgiving. 

Penny is a beautiful red gal that arrived April 9.  She lived on a farm and her primary mission in life was breeding. She loves her humans, and spent months in her second GoldHeart foster home getting lots of love and training to address some fear based behaviors towards other dogs, and also was successfully treated for Lyme positive status and was spayed.

While Penny was moved to  FTA status in her second home, her foster mom wanted more for Penny, who had truly transformed into an adoring golden girl. Recently, we reached out to approved GoldHeart adopters, and her loving and dedicated foster mom found the perfect home with a huge yard and humans that are home all day. They welcomed her with a bed with her name, and so much love…a very happy next chapter is now underway for this sweetie who turns six next month. Congratulations Penny – and to her new forever home!  And, last but not least, Thank you Leslie!   


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