FTA Dogs

The Golden Retrievers shown below are some of the dogs GoldHeart has placed through its Foster-to-Adopt (FTA) program. Due to a shortage of foster homes, we often must place dogs directly into compatible families that are looking to adopt a Golden. These dogs are not available for adoption.

If you would like to learn more about this program please visit our Foster-To-Adopt Program page.

If you would like to view our most recent FTA dogs please visit our Foster-to-Adopt Goldens page.


Bryce (GH-436)

Honey (GH-378)

Boomer (GH-220)

Trigger (GH-394)

Ricky (GH-424)

Hailey (GH-380)

Weezer (GH-387)

Bucky (GH-382)

Goldie (GH-383)

Dino (GH-381)

Jack (GH-390)

Daisy (GH-375)

Jack (GH-362)

Guiness (GH-354)

Timber (GH-386)

Nikki (GH-396)

Casey (GH-345)

Sadie (GH-374)

Donner (GH-379)

Rupert (GH-395)

Ace (GH-346)

Sandy (GH-350)

Spanner (GH-360) & Daisy (GH-361)

Dusty (GH-338)

Skipper (GH-343)

Sarge (GH-393)