Maci GH-846

RIP Maci Updegraff 

(Arrived 2013 – Departed Sunday, April 17, 2022)

Maci was an amazing family dog and deeply loved by our entire family. She became part of our family in November of 2013. I was helping my uncle and aunt with a project at their house, and they were fostering her at the time. She followed me everywhere…telling me…please take me home! We were lucky to be selected for her forever home and she quickly fit in perfectly with our family.

Maci loved people, getting attention and always being with you anywhere you went. She also loved to play hard and spend time outdoors laying in the sun. I think she liked the sleeping and resting part even more. If she wasn’t hanging outside, she could always be found watching out the windows or sleeping in one of her several dog beds. Occasionally, she also loved sleeping on the recliner. If we were home she was constantly by your side. Maci was the most loving and loyal dog I have ever had and will be deeply missed by our entire family. I am grateful for the time she blessed our family with her love and companionship.

David Updegraff and family

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