Goldie Girl GH-1048

We had to say goodbye to our Goldie Girl earlier this week (April 4, 2022). Her Vets estimated that she was between 14 – 15 years old, and we loved every minute she had with us for 4 years and 6 months. We can also now relay her back-story, since she is now running pain free with the pack of friends she made while with us.

Goldie came to us from living a life in an outdoor homeless camp, was used for panhandling, and was also loved by all that met her. A good Samaritan checked on her often, took her food, and when her owner landed in jail, she took Goldie in. We were contacted to see if we could help Goldie permanently get off the streets. While not a golden, we feel in love with her kind, gentle (except when taking treats…she learned to wait for humans to put on floor -good girl!) and yes, an almost human personality. We later learned she was a mix of lab, chow, boxer and more. Goldie loved to bark (a lot). It was her way to communicate with everyone. Since she was under “witness protection” she became known as GG at Goldheart, and was a loved sibling of many other rescues that came in over the past years. For our Teddy’s 17th Birthday (October 2017), he woofed and said, please let her stay, so we happily adopted her. She was the smartest dog ever, had a huge human vocabulary, and just knew what you wanted. She was such an easy dog to love and care for, always letting the “pet-me” goldens in the house be the center of attention. Her happy time was being with humans, especially among our many friends, at any gathering, even at the vets, where she could join in the laughter with her barks!

She had severe arthritis and probably had Cushing’s Disease when she arrived, but it was not diagnosed until Spring 2019, and we then started all the testing and treatments. Her coat grew in (the chow shed-fest began) and she was never more beautiful than she was on her last day. It just broke our hearts that her body was giving into old age and Cushing’s. We assisted her with ramps and yoga mats throughout the house and she sported a red harness that let us help her get her up. Just recently she started having repeat urinary infections, accidents (no big deal), but then she could no longer stand or walk. Despite our best efforts, and many different meds, adequan shots and supplements, we knew her time with us would soon need to end. As much as we wanted her to stay with us, and those big soulful eyes said I want to stay too, when her ability to bark often pretty much stopped, we knew. Our heart aches to hear her woof! woof! Mom where are you, bring me to sit by you!

Goldie was quite the amazing lady – always a good sport and tolerant sister of  many other rescued Goldens, Teddy, Brittany, Fosters Belle and Oliver, Long Term Fosters Smiley and Gunner, and Jay Bird (all, except Oliver, were waiting to greet her at the Rainbow Bridge). Goldie left behind her latest buddy, 5-year-old Dasher – who arrived last October and seemed to recharge Goldie, and help mend our hearts after losing Gunner and Jay Bird back-to-back. We were so lucky Goldie was with us another 6 months.

RIP our sweetest Goldie Girl – you will live on forever in our hearts.

Marie, Pete and Dasher Martinez

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