Jessie GH-1189

Woof! Woof!  I love my forever home and my new buddy Rocko!

Jessie is a sweetheart that is now living her best life ever. She lived her pre-GoldHeart life on a PA farm with 16 children, two dogs and a cat. Jessie has a very sweet demeanor and is a quick learner. As most farm dogs, you have to provide them with the tools to become a successful house dog. Her favorite lounging area is the master bathroom tile floor, but she also alternates with one of the spacious foam beds adjacent to her foster’s bed. She gets along with the two foster dogs in the home and they all play with their plush toys….she is always carrying and sleeping with one. Jessie has made great strides and the desire of realizing the potential of her new life and is excited for each day.

Gender: Female 

Age: 10-11

Weight: 63 and at a good weight

Health: Jessie is doing great now! Jessie had her last litter approximately 18-24 months prior to her arrival at Goldheart in early October. You may have seen her posted under our Long Term Foster (LTF) Section as she received necessary vetting over the past few months. Jessie had several medical issues to address including, hookworms, testing Lyme positive, substantial dental issues from eating rocks which left her teeth filed down leading to her two upper canine teeth extracted at the same time as a mass removal. The biopsy proved the mass to be a sebaceous cyst. Once she recovered, Jessie was spayed in December and during the surgery a mass on the uterus body as well as cystic ovaries were found in surgery so her entire reproductive system was safely removed. She recovered like a champ and then headed back to the Vet in early February to have a non-cancerous Hemangioma completely removed. Jessie’s current supplements that will need to continue in her forever home include a daily probiotic, fish oil and Proin 2x day. She is also on monthly preventatives of Nexgard and Heartgard. She also needs to be rechecked in about 4 months to verify her antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease was successful (Lyme Quant C6® Test).

Personality: Absolute sweetheart, quiet demeanor, needs a gentle home and family – WISH GRANTED… that is exactly what Jessie has in her forever home. 



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