Leo (Brownie) GH-1186

Woof! Woof! I love my Forever Home!

Brownie loves his new home, complete with another welcoming pup and a new name Leo, lots of things to chew on, and young family members!  Congratulations Brownie!

Brownie is a beautiful boy, a golden-border collie mix – just look at those adoring eyes! He was rescued from a horrible hoarding situation and has a lovely calm personality, and looks like a small handsome golden boy. He is a little shy to start, but warms up quickly and loves his foster brother and sister. During foster care, he was house trained and is 95% reliable now. He is very smart, and even figured out how to get out of the room he was in while healing from his neuter surgery. He wants nothing more than to be with his people and dog pals. He settles down with his foster family quickly and enjoys their company. Brownie would love to find a home to call his forever!

Gender: Male, neutered 

Age: 2

Weight: 41 pounds

Health: Very Good. After arrival into rescue in early September, Brownie was diagnosed with Hypokalemia – low potassium, suspected to be caused by eating clay in his life before rescue. Treatment is easy and not expensive (<$20 a month). Prescription supplement (pills or powder) during AM and PM feedings (i.e, every 12 hours, currently using RenaPlus – Potassium supplement – available from vets or pet pharmacy & retailers). No other issues or supplements, other than good quality food (Not grain free).

Personality: Very friendly, affectionate, loves to be with people

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