Jessie GH-1189 LTF

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Recovering after her surgery to remove mass.

Beautiful Jessie  came into GoldHeart on October 4, and landed softly in an experienced GH Foster home. After arrival, we learned that Jessie had several medical  challenges. While all can happily be addressed, it will take more than a few months, so she is temporarily posted as Long Term Foster (LTF) until such time that she is ready to look for a forever home.

Jessie is a 10 year young sweetheart that is on her way to living her best life ever. She lived her pre-GoldHeart life on a PA farm with 16 children, two dogs and a cat. She has been indoors from time to time, but the majority of her life was outdoors and she slept in a kennel. Jessie is currently 60 pounds so she is on a healthy senior meal program to ensure she reaches a healthy weight.

There must be some truth to “out of site, out of mind” because this girl was in need of physical and medical attention. Jessie’s fur was extremely matted to which we had to shave her belly, legs, chest and behind her ears. Both of her ears were badly infected, she has Lyme disease, and hookworms, and is undergoing treatment for all over the coming weeks. All of her teeth are grinded down to almost nothing. The vet suspects she was eating rocks. Several teeth are broken and needs extractions and extensive dental care to the remaining. During transport we noticed a mass on her right shoulder. This was successfully removed and dental work was started. She is now finishing her recovery from those surgeries. Happily the biopsy report indicated it was a benign cyst.

Jessie had her last litter approximately 18-24 months ago, so she will complete her Lyme treatment, and then be schedule for more surgeries  (Dental and Spay – with recovery time for both). She now has leash experience and walks 2.5 miles daily with her foster brothers. Despite the poor care she received, she hasn’t given up on us humans.

Jessie has a very sweet demeanor and is a quick learner. As most farm dogs, you have to provide them with the tools to become a successful house dog.  Initially, she has several accidents in the house. With two weeks of a routine of eating and learning to potty through the dog door, there hasn’t been any further mistakes indoors, and all baby gates are down. She has learned to travel up and down stairs and she loves being indoors and appreciates the climate controlled environment and her spacious beds. She gets along with the two foster dogs in the home and they are showing her how to play with the toys and explore the back yard. While she has a ways to go, she is slowing realizing the potential of her new life and is becoming excited for each day.

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