Dasher GH-1190 (FTA)

Dasher finished his vetting and is now officially adopted.  Happy Boy – Happy Family – the PERFECT Holiday Gift! 

Meet Dasher, who will celebrate his 5th Birthday on October 25th!  His loving family, facing several life challenges, turned to GoldHeart to give this boy the attention he so deserves. Dasher recently suffered some seizures and the tests/findings during a vet visit resulted in recommendations for ongoing medications. His family also was away from home for many hours leaving Dasher alone much of the day. They wanted a better life for him, and one where he would get the medical care needed.

Dasher has found two baskets of toys in his foster home and happily has them all over the house, is getting daily walks and has a big fenced yard to explore and enjoys playing fetch. He also enjoys visits and playdates with other young dogs in the neighborhood.  His foster home fell in love with this boy instantly, as did his senior Lab/chow sister  from GoldHeart (who moves more now than ever to find out where he is).  With the loss of two beloved GoldHeart dogs since August,  he is filling his foster home with so much joy and love, and we already know he will not be going anywhere.  Dasher has now seen the vet and is undergoing additional testing, and will get neutered under the FTA program, and then will be officially adopted (yes, a failed foster) and will enjoy the best  life has to offer.

Think you may be interested in the Foster-to-Adopt program? First, to inquire about any Goldheart dog, you must be an approved adopter. During the approval process you can discuss the FTA program.

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