Kacie GH-1131 (FTA)

It’s a Very Happy Ever After for Kacie — Adopted December 2019  (DOB 5-17-19)

We owe GoldHeart so much for the joy and companionship brought to the Burgum family by Gracie, Kallie (GH-1013) and now beautiful Kacie. Kallie and Kacie keep us old timers young in spirit … and their 5-6 walks a day keep me way more active than I would be otherwise. They are the neighborhood ambassadors to the kids and five other dogs that live nearby.  We live next to a five acre field that serves as an unofficial dog park, and all the dogs get to romp off-leash. Also, we’re lucky to have a local kennel with an outdoor dog pool so Kallie and Kacie swim twice a week during the summer. Thank goodness for the commitment and dedication of all who work to make GoldHeart so important and successful.

Tom and Bonnie

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