Brownie GH-518

On Tuesday August 31, 2021, our family lost our best friend. Brownie came to us on my wife’s birthday. He loved our family from the beginning. I loved him so much because he was always happy to see us wagging his tail. He had so much energy. We went on lone walks together. Brownie loved to watch TV and listen to music.

Brownie was my Dad’s best friend they were always together. When my Dad got Cancer it was very hard on Brownie. My Dad had to move into an assisted living facility for many months. Brownie and I used to visit him every chance we could. Brownie was a very shy dog, but he changed because of this experience. My father’s nurse had a great idea, after I visited with my Dad for a while and she would come into the room, and take Brownie for a tour of the Facility. All the people loved Brownie, and he was the highlight of their day. The shy dog started walking into the greeting everyone with Love. He showed me to have more love and compassion for people.

After my Dad died Brownie became my best friend. We did everything together. I took him for walks, and he loved to go on car rides into town. Brownie used to jump on the bed every night to watch TV. In June he lost the ability to jump, and two months later he lost the ability to use his back legs. My vet told me the Humane thing was to put Brownie down. My wife couldn’t handle the grief so I was left alone with my friend. It was so hard to say goodbye to Brownie. I will never forget him looking at the door wanting to leave. I told him it was time to say goodbye, and he licked me on the cheek and moments later he was gone. Goodbye Old Friend I will love you Forever!

Brownie came to GoldHeart on September 21, 2008, at approximately 18 months old  – RIP sweet boy!




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