Ella GH-1174

Woof! Woof!  Life is Awesome in my Forever Home! 

Lucy is now known as Ella – Congratulations little one!

Background:  Lucy/Ella is one of Daisy’s 9 puppies. Daisy, GH-1166, came into GoldHeart after a long journey from down South. Her life started in Mississippi on the streets. Not a good life either. She was rescued by some wonderful people, who sent her to GoldHeart on 3/17.  One of the GoldHeart Board members donated a DNA test, and the foster mom selected a brown and white puppy for the test. She learned his mix was: sheltie, Australian shepherd, lab, beagle, and fox hound. While this does not mean the mix for all the puppies is the same (there probably was more than one dad), each puppy definitely has some sheltie/lab from their super sweet Mom Daisy. Daisy had 9 puppies, and Lucy/Ella is one. Mom Daisy is now in her Foster-to-Adopt home where she can quietly go through her heartworm treatment (takes about 3 months), and then she will get her happy-ever-after too!

Gender: Female

Age: Born 3-24-2021



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