Josie GH-1180

Woo Hoo!  I am so very Happy in my Forever Home

Josie is loving getting all the attention in her Forever Home and can’t wait to get her new fenced yard! She is a gorgeous, super smart and affectionate flat coated retriever mix (with a heart as big as a golden)! Josie found her way to GoldHeart from a loving home, that recently had adopted her from a nearby shelter (owner surrender). Shortly after getting Josie, her new owner unexpectedly got a dream job offer that would require too much time away, and so she came to GoldHeart to ensure this cutie gets the forever home she deserves.

Gender: Female, Spayed (3/22/2021)

Age: Turns 2 in September

Weight: 63 pounds

Health: Josie is up to date on routine vetting and vaccines. She is heartworm negative. She did great and was so well behaved on her recent vet visit. She is currently on a 30-day course of Doxycycline after testing positive for Lyme disease (no symptoms). She will need to be retested 6 months after completion of her course of antibiotics by her forever home to ensure successful treatment. She is on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

Personality: Josie is an active youngster! She responds to her name with her foster family, though appears to have selective hearing at times. She LOVES to be outside watching, pointing, chasing birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc. She has a VERY KEEN sense of smell and will follow a scent trail in an attempt to find the creature. She also has EXCELLENT hearing and will listen to the birds, tracking their movement from the screened porch in an attempt to be able to follow them if she heads out into the yard.

She enjoys water and initially was hopping into the pond in her foster family’s yard. She has stopped splashing in the pond as she is quickly learning the rules of the yard.

Josie absolutely loves attention and is a very sweet girl. She will lay with you, put her paw on your arm and lean in for attention. She loves to be with people and will engage with toys. She typically will bring the item to you so you’re aware she has it, then attempt to get you to chase her to get it back. She does like to alert her family if she hears or sees something outside (e.g., a trash truck, school bus) and her loud bark will certainly get your attention.







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