Daisy GH-1166 (LTF)

Daisy had her Nine Puppies on 3-24-2021, and in early June she moved to a foster home that will provide a quiet and calm environment to get through her Heartworm treatment.
Welcome to GH-1167 – 1175! If Foster Mom Barb counted right (wink), we have 6 girls and 3 boys. Puppies are doing well, Daisy is already getting her figure back and is being a great mom! It will be months before mom and babies are ready to start looking for forever homes. The upcoming schedule for the puppies includes:  4-weeks deworming, 6-weeks first shots, then more vaccines at 9-weeks.  The puppies are almost adopted, only a few left (look under Available Dogs)
Meet Daisy!  She is estimated to be two to three years old, and we believe she is a golden-lab-collie? mix. Daisy came into GoldHeart after a long journey from down South. Her life started in Mississippi on the streets. Not a good life either. She was rescued by some wonderful people, who sent her to GoldHeart on 3/17  with her own story (see text image below – click to enlarge). Daisy is very pregnant and her puppies are due soon. Daisy is also heartworm positive. After her puppies are born and raised, she will go through heartworm treatment and also be spayed.  Since this will take months, she will remain as a Long Term Foster until she can start the search for her forever home.  Early reports from her GoldHeart foster family is that Daisy is very loving.  She enjoys being near you and is always ready to snuggle up to you when you sit on the floor. She has gone from pretty much a feral dog to a loving little lap dog.  Welcome Daisy – may you never have another bad day!

Donations to support Daisy and the care of her puppies, along with our Long Term Foster Program will be greatly appreciated. Please click on the donate button below  — Thank you!

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