Bailey GH-1176

UPDATE  6-11-2021 :  Bailey found her forever home, complete with a new fur-sister (also adopted from GoldHeart) and fenced yard and she will be allowed to get on the furniture to cuddle with her humans.

With Bailey’s Veterinary Specialist scope retrieval procedure set for mid-July, she is now in an FTA status, and following the surgery, she will be officially adopted by her Forever Home. 

Meet Beautiful Bailey. She is gorgeous lass with a shiny red coat. Bailey lived on a farm since she was 8-weeks old and had several litters before coming to GoldHeart.

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Weight: 65 lbs (she lost a little weight before surgery and should weigh around 70 lbs)

Health: Bailey is up to date on her vaccines and tested negative for Heartworm and Lyme disease. When she came into Goldheart she was covered in dirt from her farm life. Once all the dirt was removed, Bailey started itching. One Apoquel pill a day is working wonders, and last check, is no longer needing. She also gets bathed once a week with a medicated shampoo. Bailey was spayed on May 17, and had some small plastic pieces removed from her colon. During Bailey’s initial intake veterinary visit, the Vet did detect a low-grade heart murmur. So as a precaution, the rescue had x-rays done of Bailey’s chest and hips while she was under for spay surgery. The Vet said Bailey’s hips look great and there was nothing abnormal on the chest x-ray. During the x-rays, a foreign body was detected, so GoldHeart authorized exploratory surgery, and this is when the plastic pieces were found and removed. The Vet said what was seen on the x-ray had appeared to move, and while not found, it hopefully will pass on its own. Bailey gets her stitches removed on June 2, and the Vet will take additional x-rays to make sure everything is healing well with Bailey’s stomach area and colon. The object in her belly did not move, was determined to be a rock by a board certified radiologist, so the plan is to have it removed.

Personality: Bailey is super sweet, affectionate, and loves to cuddle. She loves to rub up against your legs and get lots of pets and rubs. Bailey quickly adjusted to living in the house. She loves the sofa and the dog bed. She will also jump up onto the bed and take a rest with you if allowed. It is hard to believe she never lived in a house before. Bailey can still be skittish to household noises – cabinets closing, dishwasher door, etc. She does have a tendency to slide a bit on the foster home’s hardwood floors., and sometimes when you reach for her to give her pets. Bailey is not a fan of the crate. She will go into the crate with a treat. But once there she barks a lot. And she can undo the bottom latch and escape.



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