GH-1159 Wrigley

Life is WONDERFUL in my Forever Home!

Meet Wrigley, who thrived  in his awesome foster home from July 2020 until mid January 2021, and is thrilled to report he is now in his very own forever home.

He was just 9 weeks old when surrendered to GoldHeart on July 22, and he was given to rescue because one or more expensive surgeries were anticipated for this little guy. At arrival, we were told that his penis could be extruded through the opening, but the opening is abnormally small. He had a PH level of 8 in his urine (his give-up owner’s vet thought it should be much lower). Only one testicle could be found and information received was he had Struvite Crystals and a Urachal Diverticulum that will need to be repaired. GoldHeart realized Wrigley could be facing several thousand dollars in medical bills and with Covid-19 restricting our ability to participate in normal fundraising activities, we sought support from our membership and friends to help us get whatever this little guy needs. The response and donations came pouring in for this adorable guy – thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Wrigley thanks you too!

January- March 2021 UPDATE  Since Wrigley’s arrival he endured many trips to the local vet and to the specialists at Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital.  His  vet team at Matthey Ryan was puzzled for months and tried different tests and procedures. While his testicles never dropped (a condition called cryptorchidism), neutering a dog with retained testes is not uncommon, and simply more complicated than the usual neutering because it involves locating and removing the testes from the inguinal canal or wherever in the abdomen they may be.  The cryptorchidism condition, however, is not what is causing his frequent urination. In short, the final diagnosis delivered from his specialists is Psychogenic Polydipsia.  In short, Psychogenic polydipsia is an uncommon behavioral condition that may cause dogs to drink more water, resulting in excessive urination.  As you may know, the good vets ruled out any other underlying physical causes over the past several months.  While Wrigley’s frequent urination has improved, he will need ongoing behavioral support, and while the hope is he will continue to improve (AND his new Mom advises he is),  he could still have some lifelong issues due to this condition. One of Wrigley’s vets (his new Mom), who fully understands his condition and needs, took over fostering him, and he gets to go to work daily with her too!  We could not imagine a happier ever-after for this sweet boy.  He settled in beautifully and was officially adopted under a GoldHeart Puppy Contract, requiring neuter when he is ready.

March 2021 – ADOPTED!  

Thanks to the early outpouring of generosity from so many members and friends of GoldHeart, we were able to meet all of Wrigley’s  medical needs. Your donations and ongoing support, make it possible for us to help dogs like Wrigley, our other Long Term Foster Dogs, and also ensure we meet the needs of other dogs coming into our rescue. 

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