Roxy GH-1162 (FTA)

Loving Life in my Forever Home!

Little Miss Roxy (just shy of 57 pounds), is 6 years old and was surrendered to GoldHeart in late September 2020, after her breeding days were done. As a farm girl, GoldHeart placed her through our FTA program to ensure the best possible transition. She is a beautiful and super sweet girl and adjusted quickly to the attentive life of  being a family dog.  She has a younger golden brother, who she loves to play with, plus her own young boy to cuddle with, and a huge fenced yard to play in. Her health is perfect and she will be spayed in January (she went into heat and has to wait0, and has become a permanent member of her awesome FTA family.

Think you may be interested in the Foster-to-Adopt program? First, to inquire about any Goldheart dog, you must be an approved adopter. During the approval process you can discuss the FTA program.

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