Carly GH-1161 (FTA)

Carly came from a shelter in MD  that contacted GoldHeart, after her owners turned her in during early October. She is a super sweet golden mix, weighs in just shy of 50 pounds and needs to put on some weight. We were told she is between 6 and 8 years old, and her Foster-to Adopt  (FTA) home and GoldHeart is ensuring she is getting all necessary vetting. She was heartworm negative, but has ear and skin issues, and is also Lyme positive. She is being treated for these conditions.  After her health improves, she will be spayed and then become a permanent member of her attentive and loving FTA family. We hear she loves to cuddle with her human family members and smiles all the time now — welcome to GoldHeart Carly!

Think you may be interested in the Foster-to-Adopt program? First, to inquire about any Goldheart dog, you must be an approved adopter. During the approval process you can discuss the FTA program.

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