Buddy GH-565 (LTF)

Buddy (Age 12.5) was recently placed in GoldHeart’s Long Term Foster (LTF) program, where he will be loved and cared for by an exceptional GoldHeart Foster Home for the remainder of his days.

After being returned to GoldHeart in mid-October, about a year after last being adopted at Age 11, GoldHeart turned to his prior foster home who understood his food/toy aggression challenges. He was originally returned to GH to this foster home in the Spring of 2019, after living with his original adopting home for 11 years, and they claimed they could no longer afford his care. Sadly, he was returned in horrible condition.

Upon his second return, GoldHeart  had a trainer go in to evaluate Buddy, and he confirmed that Buddy is a sweet and loving dog who has developed limited possession aggression based on his past experiences with humans (primarily due to neglect experienced in his first home). Without any direct confrontation for his food or toys from humans he is non-aggressive, quite social with people, (strangers) and other dogs. Phew – that was a good thing, because his Foster home has 5 other dogs. Happily with lots of baby gates they are able to manage Buddy’s issues and have agreed to let him live out whatever time he has left with them.

His first owners never ‘saw past’ their own self-serving conveniences and hence he was left outdoors alone, and never ‘felt seen’ by them. Now that he is in a home, has a fenced yard and friends to play with, you can see he is a very happy boy. The trainer relayed that his foster mom has the capacity to manage his behavior very well, and in doing so will be rewarded with a calmer, and loving companion. They are already seeing improvement, and under the calming influence of his foster mom and her daughter, the trainer believes he will learn quickly he has nothing to fear regarding his food, or toy resources.

Buddy has been to the Vet and happily his labs were ok, so he can continue on multiple supplements and medications for severe arthritis. We have also added some items to his regimen to further provide relief as Buddy’s health and mobility is declining. It is GoldHeat’s  desire to assure that Buddy is comfortable, happy and loved as he declines. He is so deserving of this, and we are so blessed that his foster family is willing to be sure his last chapter is the best.

Donations to support Buddy’s care and the Long Term Foster Program will be greatly appreciated. Please click on the donate button below  — Thank you!


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