Bubba GH-986


Bubba, aka Bob, was our first foster dog. He had been picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter. He was very thin and had lost much of his hair. His skin was dark with infection. A kind woman rescued him from the shelter but turned him over to Goldheart when she learned he had a heart murmur. That’s how he became our foster dog.

Bob was emaciated and very frightened when he arrived, but from the moment he looked into my eyes I could see what a gentle, sweet soul he was, how much he had been through and the abundance of love he had to give. We slowly nursed him back to health. We celebrated every pound that he gained and every patch of hair that he grew. He slowly began to trust us and, after several pantry raids, he finally began to realize that he would always get plenty of food and lots of love at our home. We adopted him a few months later and he became an “official” member of our family.

Bob loved everyone he met and was always at the door when we came home with tail wagging, ready to shower us with love. He loved his squeaky stuffed toys, belly rubs and being with his people. He even became a Goldheart goodwill ambassador welcoming each of our next 3 foster dogs, helping ease their fear and showing them the ropes. He died suddenly on September 18, 2020. Although he was only with us for a short 5 years, we are blessed to have had him.

Thank you Goldheart for bringing him into our lives. He was loved and cherished and we miss him every day. He will always be in our hearts.

The Goodman Family

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