Alex GH-972


The sun rose this morning. But I watched it without my best pal, Alex. Yesterday, we lost our beautiful Golden Retriever to an underlying illness that nobody saw.

Alex was the sweetest, most gentle soul who loved anyone he met. His quiet demeanor and bright eyes captured the love of so many… nobody more than us though.

He came from a tough start, found abandoned on the streets in Cairo. But through the kindness of so many, he made a safe passage to the U.S. and found his way to our hearts five years ago. We were so blessed to have Goldheart Golden Retriever Rescue award us this special pup.

We enjoyed so many great adventures with Alex, but had so many more that should’ve happened. This was too sudden and too soon.

For Alex…stop and watch a sunrise, take a long walk or car ride, make a new friend and have a good thought for our best friend.

We will see him again…across The Rainbow Bridge.

The Long Family




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