Smucker GH-1016

RIP Smucker

October 4, 2005 to July 21, 2020

Oh Smucker, how I will always have you in my heart. You came into my life at 12 years young, and were very near blind and deaf. You blessed me and your new fur friend Bootsie from the first day  we met you. You learned so quickly, and it was wonderful to see you move from the kitchen into the entire house, and how happy you were when you realized the whole house, and the soft carpet was yours to enjoy. What fun, watching you in a big yard with soft green grass to play in. Bootsie was also so happy to welcome you into the dog pool and she loved playing with you and was proud to introduce you the world of soft toys.

There truly is nothing like adopting a senior dog. It was simply the best 3 years with Smucker! So many smiles, laughter and love to cherish forever. Smucker left us 2 months shy of age 15, and we miss him every day, as do his other friends at a local store where Smucker became the store mascot.

We were so blessed you were a part of our lives. See you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you and miss you!

Pamela Meeker and Bootsie


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