GH-1158 Pia (Precious)


Meet five year-old Pia, who came into GoldHeart as Precious and she is a total love. She likes to be anywhere her new family is. From these pictures you can tell that this sweet gal has found a perfect forever home – she absolutely loves everyone (both two and four-legged). What a very happy ending for this awesome golden girl –congratulations Pia!

Gender: F

Age: 5

Weight: Precious is a tall golden girl, and weighed in at 102 lbs. She is not fat, and her weight surprised everyone. Vet confirmed she looks really good! 





Health: Precious is Heartworm and Lyme negative, and UTD on her vaccines. Precious needs to be in a home that can dose her phenobarbital medication at the same time  2x a day, currently she is on a 7 AM and 7 PM schedule. She had blood work done after arriving at GoldHeart and the vet reported everything looks great. She will also require blood work  every 6 months for the rest of her life to ensure she remains at an ideal dose and her liver continues to stay healthy while on the phenobarbital regimen for seizures.

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