Tucker GH-772

Tucker, aka Tucker Trolley came to us as foster on 4/16/12, as very dignified 5-year-old. We loved him so much that we had to adopt him and did so on 6/17/12. Tucker always trotted rather than ran to get in our house. While our other Goldens would be ready to chomp on the food in their bowls, Tucker was willing to wait until told to eat, and then would do so at a slow pace. Tucker always seemed to be at a “higher” level of learning – perhaps a master’s or doctorate degree of dogdom compared to our other Goldens.

Unfortunately, Tucker developed cancer and had his spleen removed when he was 10-½. We were told it was month to month since it appeared that the cancer spread. But Tucker wasn’t going to let a  little bit of cancer stop him. He stayed with us well over a year. He was a month shy of 12 when he died.

RIP Dearest Tucker Trolley – You are Forever in our Hearts

The Heil Family


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