Suki GH-820

Suki  came to us, sight unseen, as a beautiful, energetic, gentle, playful, smart, and incredibly sweet 8 year old foster. We knew almost immediately that she was going to be one of the family. Her greatest loves were tennis balls, pizza bones, snuggling, and keeping track of her people. She came with us almost everywhere we went, including trips to NJ to see her 2 and 4 legged cousins.

She was a clever girl. If you stopped playing ball with her, she would push the ball under the fence into the neighbors yard. She would then bark until you fetched it for her!

She was a playful girl – no amount of snow was too large or too small for her to jump in, roll around, or dig into.

She was a caring girl. Anytime the kids would rough house with each other, she would place herself between them to “break them up.”

She was a tolerant girl. She let one of her people paint her nails and dress her up in costumes. She never fussed or squirmed and never moved until her nails were dry.

She was the best girl. We can’t image a better companion. We miss her terribly but are grateful for the 6 years we got to spend with her.

Theresa, Justin, Rebecca, and Ethan ~ Suki’s family

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