Gunner GH-832

Gunner, aka Gunner the Runner, was a shining example of what a golden should look like according to the dog care people who cared for our pups. Gunner’s start was at a  puppy mill and was bought and probably mistreated. He was given up to Goldheart because he peed in the house. We adopted him on 6/6/13, and it took several years for him to become “normal.” Gunner loved to roughhouse with our other goldens and did so frequently. His favorite thing was to have his back rubbed.

After a year, Gunner started to have seizures every so often but not often enough to have him on seizure meds.  Gunner was a young dog – only 7 – when he died suddenly on 10/14/19. He ate dinner that night, and we found him later that evening after he died. According to our vet, he expects that Gunner died from a stroke possibly during a seizure.

RIP Dearest Gunner the Runner – You are Forever in our Hearts

The Heil Family


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