Drake GH-793

Drake, aka Drake the Cake, was a large golden who weighed over 100 lbs. of solid muscle. We fostered him starting on 8/13/12 and adopted him on 11/14/12. Drake had a very large squarish head and would remind you a little bit of a Rottweiler but was a pure golden. Drake was quite chill and wasn’t bothered by anything. His favorite thing was going to the Belair bakery on Saturday mornings with his dad to have a bagel. He would lay in the front passenger seat and put his legs over his dad’s lap as his drove.

We don’t know how old Drake was when he died on 1/4/2020 because he was given up to Goldheart by a homeless man.  But we like to think he was at least 12.

RIP Dearest Drake the Cake – You are Forever in our Hearts

The Heil Family

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