Lady GH-1156 and Buddy GH-1157

Woof! Woof!  It’s nothing but Blue Skies and Clear Sailing in our Forever Home!

Lady and her partner Buddy (Bud) are a super sweet, loving and bonded pair that were found abandoned around the state game lands near Gettysburg, PA. We believe they were most likely a breeding pair, and feel that they were dumped by the breeder.  They landed softly in a waterfront home, complete with a fenced yard and the best view ever!

LADY GH-1156

Gender:  Female (recently spayed)

Age: Estimated between 6 and 8 years old.

Weight: 70 pounds, with medium golden coat

Personality: Very needy and very loving. She loves to run in the yard and get in the flower beds, which she is corrected for doing and will obey nicely. She will come as soon as you call her. Doesn’t like to be away from her humans too long. Her main goal in life right now is to get all the love she can. She is great with visitors to the home (all ages) and when in a crowd, she just went from one person to the next looking for pats and love.

BUDDY GH-1157 

Gender: Male (recently neutered)

Age: Estimated between 6 and 8 years old

Weight: 67 pounds, with lighter golden coat

Personality: A little shy at first. Very needy and very loving. Buddy was on a 10-day bite hold because he bit the lady that was attempting to grab him while he was on the run. He was scared and she lunged at him and grabbed him by the collar (Normally GoldHeart does not take a dog with a bite history, but we felt that this was a defensive bite because Buddy was abandoned and someone strange was attempting to catch him). His partner was already caught, so we are sure that scared him even more. They had to set a trap to catch him, luckily, he stayed in the area where his partner was caught. While under quarantine, he made no attempt to go after anyone. He did growl at the shelter manager because she had a baseball cap on, and as soon as she took it off, he was fine. They also thought he had a fear of men, but when the male vet examined him and gave him his vaccines, he did well. He actually ended up sitting on the vet’s lap.




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