Alli (Annie) GH-1151

Woof! Woof!  I love my forever home.

Alli has a new home, a new name – Annie, and loves her new brother Clyde (pictured to left)! Congratulations Annie!

She is such a super sweetie! She talks – especially when you aren’t moving fast enough!

If you’re slower than she thinks you should be, she will start a conversation…time to get up! Alli/Annie has come a LONG way since arriving in her GoldHeart foster home. She is showing us that she likes toys and all the comforts of home life. Alli/Annie, although a senior, is still very spry and agile. She has a doggie bed that she enjoys and tends to be her go to place, but she’s really branching out. Alli/Annie is most happy when she is near her humans. Work-at-home? She is right there…under your feet. Time for the treadmill? Alli/Annie will come along, and sit on the treadmill to be sure it warm, and will happily stay to watch you finish your workout!

Alli’s face is healing 4-21-20

5-7-2020 Look at this beautiful girl! Doesn’t she look amazing?

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Weight: 63 pounds – Her foster home helped Alli/Annie add just a few pounds, since she came into GoldHeart all skin and bones. She definitely enjoys eating, so we believe she will be able to achieve a more healthy weight easily.

Health: Super for age 12 and her recent life of neglect. Before coming into rescue, Alli/Annie was attacked by another dog and not treated afterwards, so her snout got infected. Everything is now all healed up, and the hair is starting to grow back as you can see by her latest pictures — she is truly a beautiful red golden!

Personality: Total sweetie. She gives you her paw. She gives little kisses. She loves to be petted and snuggle, and she just may climb into your lap.


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