Addy (Mattie) GH-1153

Woof! Woof! I love my forever home and my new fur sister Maggie.  I have a new name too – Mattie.  Double M = Double the Fun!

Mattie, pna Addy  is such a sweetie! She was a breeder girl and lived on a farm and we were told she loves kids and gets along with other dogs. Her foster mom reported that she is the calmest 4-year-old golden she has ever met. She likes toys, especially a ball – she will play fetch and bring the ball back. When she’s had enough, she drops the ball and lays down. She likes chew bones. She does want a lot of attention/pets.  😊.

Gender: Female 

Age: 4

Weight: 82 pounds (She definitely enjoys eating)

Personality: Total sweetie. She gives little kisses. She loves to be petted and snuggle.


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