Indy GH-1148


Hi, meet sweet Indy! This beautiful red golden gal was given up initially when she was 4 years old to another family member where she gained a Labrador brother. A member in this home felt Indy would be better off in another home and surrendered her to GoldHeart in March of this year. She is happily settling in at her awesome GH foster home, but would really love to be in her own forever home once and for all.

Gender: Spayed Female

Age: 9 years young!

Weight: 55 lbs and is good for her size. Due to some arthritis starting in her front right leg the vet doesn’t want her to get any larger.

Health: Other than the slight arthritis development, Indy is in incredibly good health for being a mid-aged gal and UTD on all her vetting. She does take Dasaquin Advanced (Rx required) daily. Her foster mom combined this with Rimadyl initially, but did not see a big difference to warrant administering both. If the arthritis progresses, this can be reconsidered by her forever home. She is missing some of her front lower teeth, but the vet indicated her teeth and gums are in great condition and doesn’t infringe on her ability to play tug of war with her foster brother.

Personality: Indy is sweet and spunky! Sweet because as an older gal she is simply happy relaxing around the house with her peeps, but she is also spunky…energetic and active enough that she does not want the couch potato life, and enjoys daily exercise and stimulation. If she doesn’t understand something she learns quickly. She has a quirky way of snapping her teeth together (that will make you giggle), to let you know she is hungry, has to go potty, or wants to play. She is not a typical Velcro dog, but her foster mom believes that’s because she didn’t receive lots of affection, but she loves getting hugs, kisses and belly rubs and responds with a lick on your hand or giving you her paw.



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